local coloredDyes = 'Orange Dye; Magenta Dye; Light Blue Dye; Dandelion Yellow; Lime Dye; Pink Dye; Gray Dye; Light Gray Dye; Cyan Dye; Purple Dye; Lapis Lazuli; Cocoa Beans; Cactus Green; Rose Red; Ink Sac'
local aliases = {
	-- Lists --
	['Any Dye'] = 'Bone Meal;' .. coloredDyes,
		['Any Colored Dye'] = coloredDyes,
	['Any Dyed Wool'] = 'Orange Wool; Magenta Wool; Light Blue Wool; Yellow Wool; Lime Wool; Pink Wool; Gray Wool; Light Gray Wool; Cyan Wool; Purple Wool; Blue Wool; Brown Wool; Green Wool; Red Wool; Black Wool',
	['Any Stained Clay'] = 'White Hardened Clay; Orange Hardened Clay; Magenta Hardened Clay; Light Blue Hardened Clay; Yellow Hardened Clay; Lime Hardened Clay; Pink Hardened Clay; Gray Hardened Clay; Light Gray Hardened Clay; Cyan Hardened Clay; Purple Hardened Clay; Blue Hardened Clay; Brown Hardened Clay; Green Hardened Clay; Red Hardened Clay; Black Hardened Clay',
	['Any fuel'] = 'Coal; Charcoal; Oak Wood; Oak Wood Planks',
	['Any Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom; [Mushroom]Brown Mushroom',
	['Any Quartz Block'] = 'Block of Quartz; Chiseled Quartz Block; Pillar Quartz Block',
	['Any Red Sandstone'] = 'Red Sandstone; Chiseled Red Sandstone; Smooth Red Sandstone',
	['Any Sandstone'] = 'Sandstone; Chiseled Sandstone; Smooth Sandstone',
	['Any Stone Bricks'] = 'Stone Bricks; Mossy Stone Bricks; Cracked Stone Bricks; Chiseled Stone Bricks',
	['Any Stone Slab'] = 'Stone Slab; Sandstone Slab; Cobblestone Slab; Bricks Slab; Stone Bricks Slab; Nether Brick Slab; Quartz Slab',	
	-- Technical --
	['Any  Banner'] = '[Banner]Light Gray Banner' .. string.rep( '; Banner', 15 ), -- Used to properly show white on [[banner]]. Note the two spaces
	-- Display names --
	['Broken Elytra'] = '[Elytra]Broken Elytra',
	['Brown Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Brown Mushroom',
	['Brown Mushroom (block)'] = '[Mushroom]Brown Mushroom (block)',
	['Clay (block)'] = '[Clay]Clay (block)',
	['Enchanted Book'] = '[&e]Enchanted Book',
	['Enchanted Golden Apple'] = '[&d]Golden Apple',
	['End Portal (block)'] = '[End Portal]End Portal (block)',
	['Golden Apple'] = '[&b]Golden Apple',
	['Melon (block)'] = '[Melon]Melon (block)',
	['Nether Brick (item)'] = '[Nether Brick]Nether Brick (item)',
	['Red Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom',
	['Red Mushroom (block)'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom (block)',
	['Snow (layer)'] = '[Snow]Snow (layer)',
	['Stone Button'] = '[Button]Stone Button',
	['Wooden Button'] = '[Button]Wooden Button',
	-- Potions --
	['Awkward Potion'] = 'Awkward Potion[&7No effects]',
	['Water Bottle'] = 'Water Bottle[&7No effects]',
	['Thick Potion'] = 'Thick Potion[&7No effects]',
	['Mundane Potion'] = 'Mundane Potion[&7No effects]'
-- Discs --
local discs = { '13', 'cat', 'blocks', 'chirp', 'far', 'mall', 'mellohi', 'stal', 'strad', 'ward', '11', 'wait' }
for _, disc in ipairs( discs ) do
	local name = disc .. ' Disc'
	aliases[name] = '[&bMusic Disc]' .. name .. '[&7C418 - ' .. disc .. ']'
-- Damaged armor, tools and weapons --
local damagedItems = {
	'Carrot on a Stick',
	'Chain Boots',
	'Chain Chestplate',
	'Chain Helmet',
	'Chain Leggings',
	'Diamond Axe',
	'Diamond Boots',
	'Diamond Chestplate',
	'Diamond Helmet',
	'Diamond Hoe',
	'Diamond Leggings',
	'Diamond Pickaxe',
	'Diamond Shovel',
	'Diamond Sword',
	'Fishing Rod',
	'Flint and Steel',
	'Golden Axe',
	'Golden Boots',
	'Golden Chestplate',
	'Golden Helmet',
	'Golden Hoe',
	'Golden Leggings',
	'Golden Pickaxe',
	'Golden Shovel',
	'Golden Sword',
	'Iron Axe',
	'Iron Boots',
	'Iron Chestplate',
	'Iron Helmet',
	'Iron Hoe',
	'Iron Leggings',
	'Iron Pickaxe',
	'Iron Shovel',
	'Iron Sword',
	'Leather Boots',
	'Leather Tunic',
	'Leather Cap',
	'Leather Pants',
	'Stone Axe',
	'Stone Hoe',
	'Stone Pickaxe',
	'Stone Shovel',
	'Stone Sword',
	'Wooden Axe',
	'Wooden Hoe',
	'Wooden Pickaxe',
	'Wooden Shovel',
	'Wooden Sword'
for _, item in ipairs( damagedItems ) do
	local name = 'Damaged ' .. item
	aliases[name] = '[' .. item .. ']' .. name
-- Banners and colored items --
local patterns = {
	'Base Dexter Canton',
	'Base Fess',
	'Base Gradient',
	'Base Indented',
	'Base Sinister Canton',
	'Bend Sinister',
	'Bordure Indented',
	'Chief Dexter Canton',
	'Chief Fess',
	'Chief Indented',
	'Chief Sinister Canton',
	'Creeper Charge',
	'Field Masoned',
	'Flower Charge',
	'Inverted Chevron',
	'Mojang Charge',
	'Pale Dexter',
	'Pale Sinister',
	'Per Bend',
	'Per Bend Inverted',
	'Per Bend Sinister',
	'Per Bend Sinister Inverted',
	'Per Fess',
	'Per Fess Inverted',
	'Per Pale',
	'Per Pale Inverted',
	'Skull Charge'
local colors = {
	'Light Blue',
	'Light Gray',
aliases['Any Firework Star'] = {}
for _, color in ipairs( colors ) do
	local name = color .. ' Firework Star'
	aliases[name] = '[Firework Star]' .. name .. '[&7' .. color .. ']'
	table.insert( aliases['Any Firework Star'], aliases[name] )
	for _, pattern in ipairs( patterns ) do
		name = color .. ' ' .. pattern .. ' Banner'
		aliases[name] = '[Banner]' .. name .. '[&7' .. color .. ' ' .. pattern .. ']'
aliases['Any Firework Star'] = table.concat( aliases['Any Firework Star'], ';' )
-- Items that use the sixteen colors --
local coloredItems = {
	'Stained Glass',
	'Stained Glass Pane',
for _, item in ipairs( coloredItems ) do
	local name = 'Any ' .. item
	aliases[name] = {}
	for _, color in ipairs( colors ) do
		table.insert( aliases[name], color .. ' ' .. item )
	aliases[name] = table.concat( aliases[name], ';' )
-- Potions --
local effects = {
	"Fire Resistance",
	"Night Vision",
	"Water Breathing",
aliases['Any Potion'] = {
	"Water Bottle",
	"Awkward Potion",
	"Thick Potion",
	"Mundane Potion"
aliases['Any Splash Potion'] = {
	"Splash Water Bottle",
	"Awkward Splash Potion",
	"Thick Splash Potion",
	"Mundane Splash Potion"
aliases['Any Lingering Potion'] = {
	"Lingering Water Bottle",
	"Awkward Lingering Potion",
	"Thick Lingering Potion",
	"Mundane Lingering Potion"
aliases['Any Tipped Arrow'] = {
	"Arrow of Splashing",
	"Tipped Arrow",
	"Tipped Arrow",
	"Tipped Arrow"
for _, effect in ipairs( effects ) do
	table.insert( aliases['Any Potion'], 'Potion of ' .. effect )
	table.insert( aliases['Any Splash Potion'], 'Splash Potion of ' .. effect )
	table.insert( aliases['Any Lingering Potion'], 'Lingering Potion of ' .. effect )
	table.insert( aliases['Any Tipped Arrow'], 'Arrow of ' .. effect )
aliases['Any Potion'] = table.concat( aliases['Any Potion'], ';' )
aliases['Any Splash Potion'] = table.concat( aliases['Any Splash Potion'], ';' )
aliases['Any Lingering Potion'] = table.concat( aliases['Any Lingering Potion'], ';' )
aliases['Any Tipped Arrow'] = table.concat( aliases['Any Tipped Arrow'], ';' )
-- Wood --
local woods = {
	'Dark Oak'
local woodItems = {
	'Fence Gate',
	'wood Door',
	'wood Fence',
	'Wood Planks',
	'Wood Slab',
	'Wood Stairs',
-- used if the items use a different name than the alias
local woodNames = {
	['wood Door'] = 'Door',
	['wood Fence'] = 'Fence',
for _, item in ipairs( woodItems ) do
	local itemName = woodNames[item] or item
	local woodAliases = {}
	for _, wood in ipairs( woods ) do
		table.insert( woodAliases, wood .. ' ' .. itemName )
	woodAliases = table.concat( woodAliases, ';' )
	aliases['Any ' .. item] = woodAliases
	aliases['Matching ' .. item] = woodAliases
return aliases

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